About Me

I grew up in a quiet town in Suzhou, Jiangsu, and I eventually moved to Halifax where I gained my education. I currently reside in Vancouver to explore a visual art form that is photography. 

I'm a photographer with five years of experience, and I strive to take brilliant photographs for my clients as it is my goal to amaze them as well as satisfy. 

My work is inspired by a few fellow artists; Yan Zi - her photos speak a thousand words and each of her individual work tells a story with a very distinguished tone; Serge Ramelli taught me the importance of contrast and to embrace chiaroscuro; lastly, I am most inspired by Jeo McNally - his work is raw and portrays a true skill of capturing a single moment which also taught me the art of light manipulation. 

Let's capture a moment together,Hope to hear from you soon.

Email: haileiluke@gmail.com 

Phone: (778)-952-7337

WeChat: gotomar

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